Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It appears I picked a bad time to try and add some balance back in my life. I keep reminding myself that nothing worth having is ever easy. And I just need to keep trying.

Anyway, no sob stories today. I'm insanely busy, insanely stressed, and currently having a bit of a panic attack but none of that is particularly abnormal for me. Comes with the job.

So instead of complaints, I present you a couple non work things that I've been able to get in recently. No pictures of knitting though I've done a bit since I last posted. Unfortunately not on something I can post about for another few weeks.

Instead, this weekend
, I went home and was met by this...and this...and a bunch more of this... See, we had a strange spring with hot temperatures during the day in the 80's and 90's but dropping to 30's and 40's during the night and my tomatoes were a bit stunted. So while everyone else has been having the tomato 'problem' for weeks, mine has only just begun! Now it'll be a race to see how many ripen before frost hits and how many I can deal with only coming home every other weekend!

So...the first was turned into this (the puree shown second on that linked post) and frozen.

The second was turned into this...
and then into this (and I agree that this is some mighty fine sauce!) and frozen. If you have more tomatoes, definitely go to this link and make this recipe. It's super easy, and super good.

And the third was turned into this. I also made another of those delicious apple pies I told you about recently and used up the last of the apples on the tree.

Finally, I present a gourd that I worked on a few weeks ago which finally got handed off to the birthday girl (only a month or so late).
The particular horse design that I used for this vase is what she has as one of her tattoos (so I pretty much knew she'd like it!). Otherwise, I was aiming for very simple, sparse...and I wanted it to look 'ancient'. So I torched the whole gourd to give it that 'rustic' look and carved just hints of design using the horse and a couple celtic knots. Not my typical style but I was aiming for pleasing the giftee and I think I succeeded.

And that be it for me today....back to the lab for the evening.

Media update: I saw The Brave One with Jodi Foster and Terrence Howard this weekend. Amazing powerful movie. Parts are hard to take and disturbing but I would highly recommend it.


Jane said...

Beautiful gourd! Hope you get a chance to relax some this coming weekend.

Malicious Sophist said...

That gourd is amazing. Grand Kudos.

As an aside -- you make me sick every time you post while being insanely busy! I keep asking myself, "Rachie can do it, why can't you?" and then I go and do one of the other hundred things on my list.

So keep it up, at this rate you'll have me punching myself in the face in a few short weeks! And that's good for everyone, right?

Still, awesome gourd. More pictures of socks, too.

ponyknit said...

I LOVE the top photo... balance. We all look for it, but it is definitely hard to keep!
That gourd is BEAUTIFUL! (You know I have a soft spot for horses, but I also LOVE fall, so the gourd is amazing!)

tiennie said...

Beautiful job on the gourd! Tomatoes....mmm....!

Surviving said...

The gourd is great!

Carrie said...

Wow, that gourd is pure art. Lovely. I bet the birthday girl loved it.
I am prone to panic attacks, even when everything is going well, so I sympathize and hope you feel better soon. It looks like your garden is giving you lots of good things!