Sunday, September 16, 2007

Maybe Knitting Content Tomorrow?

The memorial service for Rocky was yesterday and it was a nice, yet bizarre service. It was very helpful to see my friends and to celebrate Rocky's life with so many people that cared about him and that he had touched in life. And though I still struggle with understanding how it could have happened, yesterday's service made me feel more at peace.

But the service also made me think. Bear with me for a brief commercial on introspection. I think this picture is appropriate.
storm over Eagle Caps Wilderness

It made me think about my life which is probably typical at a time like this. At the service, they played some slide shows of Rocky's life and what he had done. It became very apparent that Rocky lived his life to the fullest. It's probably partly why so many people connected to him...his warmth and his energy.

I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've been doing the last 10 years, the work, the contacts, that I'm challenged daily by my job and my career. It's not been easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. But it has consumed me, mind, body, and soul and I've forgotten about some of the things that I like to do, that I've made goals to do etc. Somehow, someway, I need to find a better balance in my life and start doing more things that I enjoy that are not part of my career. It is not going to be easy and in the middle of a PhD and 3 large projects that are needing every second of attention I can give them, I can't cut back on work a lot. But I realized that I have managed to add art and knitting back into my life the last 8 months to some degree so I know it is possible to slowly adjust balances.

Anyway...enough. Today, I start the slow process. Step 1 was to figure out how to get exercise back into the routine. A goal of mine forever is to do triathlons but I keep putting it off and putting it off. I can't seriously train right now, but I can start the process of reminding my body how to move! So this morning, I found the pool and began. My arms were screamin' but my heart was singin' :). It felt good and I've been missing that element lately more than I realized.

And to the title of this post. It is 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon and I've been in my office most of the day working. But all these thoughts made me decide that I needed an afternoon off to do something I enjoyed. So once I hit 'publish post', I'm leaving and doing some knitting and/or crafts, and opening a book for the first time in several weeks
. So maybe, just maybe, I'll have something to show for it tomorrow. Don't expect FO's...I'm far from that...but maybe a WIP that has actually progressed from the last time it was photographed!

In the meantime, a recipe I keep meaning to post about. It's finally feeling like fall here in NE
Oregon and fall means our apple tree starts bursting with apples ready to be made into pies. But I found a recipe for an apple pie that is not ordinary and it has turned into our favorite. I know, I know, blasphemy that I'm choosing a variation on the theme rather than traditional apple pie. But just try it before you make judgments! Warm Apple-Buttermilk Custard Pie. Enjoy and I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jane said...

I think balance is something a lot of people struggle to achieve - at least I know I have trouble with it. But I want to thank you for your post, as it made me ponder how I could do better at achieving things I've put aside. Good luck in your quest. I'd say that pie is a very good start!

Liz said...

What a coincidence--it sounds like we are both on the same step! I am also itching (and badly needing) to get the exercise back on track. I am hoping to hit the pool too--soon, very soon...keep it up and then you can be my role model. :)

Kristen said...

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Your work on finding balance will be a wonderful way to honor him.

Susan Pandorf said...

Funny, I too began exercise today. Hauled my 50 year old (can still say that for another week) out of bed and did my yoga routine, BEFORE I HAD COFFEE. And those who know me, know NOTHING gets done before coffee.

Workout too gentle to feel particularly virtuous about, but it's a start. I may not be able to do anything about the vagaries of age, but I can at least do my best to stay flexible and improve my balance.

Hmmm - flexibility and balance - sounds like a good goal for mind as well as body. Hope you find yours.


tiennie said...

Oh yum - that pie looks and sounds delicious! Here's wishing you the best on finding balance.