Friday, February 15, 2008

Some FO's Finally

Holy cow....what a week. Unfortunately I should add the phrase 'totally and utterly crappy' in there. I don't have the strength right now to write about it nor will I ever because I just want to forget it entirely...typical work/school stuff. But I get to go home again tonight, for a long weekend. And my very good friend whom I've not seen since April is coming over for a visit so hopefully that'll put me in a better mood and make next week bearable!

I will say though that one of the highlights of the week was reading all t
he comments on Elkie and 'the girls'. I haven't gotten a chance to respond to any of them individually, but I will this weekend. In the meantime, thanks so much for the comments!

So for now, I do have a few FO's that are ready to be po
sted about. One of the reasons I decided to join the Cocoa Swap was to 'force' myself to take some time to do some handmade things for the recipient (that sounds bad, but I just mean that I had a deadline to get a good package sent off and I knew I wanted to do some craft things for it...that deadline forced me to take the time away from work and be crafty...time I probably wouldn't have taken otherwise). And I got lucky getting a pal with some similar interests that I could very easily work with. She likes dragonflies and ladybugs and so this is where I went with that...

First up, I did a gourd and I do love how it turned out. I tried a new t
echnique (embossing) where you use powder for the color and then melt it...I was hoping for the 'translucent' look of dragonflies by using this technique. I don't know if I got that, but I do like the final results!

Dragonfly gourd.

Also, I found this cute pattern on Ravelry and decided they would be perfect for my pal.
Made with Peaches and Cream cotton on size 7 needles. Finally, I had to make a blah buster buddy. After getting Elkie from Mary, I'm hesitant to show my attempt, but here is the now named 'Dot' in all her glory. Cute little 'bugger' I think.

Pattern: Ladybug by Crafty Alien
Yarn: small amount of Patton's Classic Wool Merino (red and block)
Modifications: None.

I really did enjoy putting this package together for such a great pal, and Anne's response to it really made my day yesterday...a day that otherwise was really pretty bad. Isn't it funny how cheering up someone else can work to cheer yourself up as well? That's what I love about care packages! I really enjoyed putting this package together.
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(Mel, if you don't know this album, probably one you should check out!)


mel said...

Amazing - somehow you and Mary made MY day a couple times and I'm not even in the swap ;) Rachel, you are one very gifted & special woman. I don't even know what to say about your gourd, I'm speechless.

queuing Alexi Murdoch now - a couple of the songs I recognize and am wondering why we don't have any of his stuff?! Thank you :)

Malicious Sophist said...

Incredible work on the gourd, lady. The design and execution is simply stunning. Well done, you, well done, indeed!

vegasangelbrat said...

I love your work Rachel! Absoluetly beautiful and I know Anne will cherish it! Great job and I love your ladybug!! She came out realy cute!
Enjoy your weekend home and hope the friend visit is a great one!
Safe Travels!

Mary Beth said...

Hey, Rachel! I love the gourd!

Maud said...

All your Fos looks great! Those gourd works always amaze me, even if I'm never seen one in real life. The dragonflies are really well done. And the ladybug, too cute!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

The gourd is beautiful, I love the dragonfly! and "dot" is wonderful, great job!

insanknitty said...

Rachel, you sent such an amazing package to Anne... thank you.. for making my friends day... :-)

Robin said...

WOW...that gourd is AMAZING!! Your little ladybug is so cute.

Liz said...

What great stuff! What a lucky swap pal you have. Beautiful gourd!

nova said...

I just like saying the word "gourd." So I excercise opportunities to say things like, "out of my/your gourd" quite a bit. But your lovely painted one, it's uber nice. It blows my gourd. That is a a nice little package for your pal.

KSee said...

Oh what beautiful art! For such a busy lady you sure have been setting time aside for such pretty things. Mel said it best!