Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday: A Week in Review

Making me happy this week:

in between April snow showers and 25 degree (F) nights, we have some signs of spring finally...a much anticipated visit by a good friend that I haven't seen in almost a year (since she decided to move to CA for graduate school darn her)...lots of talking, laughing, eating, and wine...what else is there? ... getting back into the habit of riding a unexpected work proposal (whether we choose to accept it remains to be seen but the fact that it was offered is pretty amazing)...

more dishcloths for friends...dyed more yarn...picked White Russian back up (!!) and trying for about an inch a day...started spinning on the wheel...

In the Kitchen:

  • remember me saying last review that this was going on the menu. Well, it happened and Heidi didn't let me down as usual. Excellent. Especially topped with avocado. I think I could just eat the broccoli pesto by the spoonful. but I didn't. okay, maybe just one spoonful.
  • I had to make this again for my was as good as I remembered it.
  • a spinach/kale/orange juice smoothie a day. recommended by Julie and it is much better than it sounds!
  • tried this recipe...didn't add as much cumin (maybe only 1/4 tsp...didn't seem to fit with the rest of the spices)...was better than I expected and pretty quick/simple to make.
  • watched Hunger Games and thought it was decent. Book is better (of course) but my biggest complaint about the movie was the lack of character development for anybody other than Katniss and Peeta. So fell a bit flat to me. Anybody else have opinions?
  • Finally watched the Hollywood version of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and sorry, but the Swedish versions continue to have my heart. Rooney Mara did an incredible acting job but to me she wasn't Lizbeth. Naomi Rapace, as soon as I saw her, thought 'this is Lizbeth'. Otherwise, some actors better in the US version, some better in the Swedish version...same with other aspects of the 2 movies. Glad I watched it but won't watch that version again.
  • Finished this book and got drawn in. No real plot...more a character-driven book...and it took about a quarter of the book to get involved in the characters but then couldn't put it down. denise, I'm thinking maybe you would enjoy...
  • From melissa, enjoying a new to me artist...Chastity Brown.
  • via kristi...ben howard
Ungulate of the Week:

I was going through my field photos from last summer for a presentation and came upon a series I had forgotten I had taken. This is right at dusk up at Wildhorse Lookout near Gold Beach, the background, beyond the hills, is the ocean.

Around the web:
  • spring non-manifesto about 'marching' by denise
  • from Linda, an inspiring video
  • have been enjoying these food and beauty series...considering my 'beauty' regime consists of soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, sometimes lotion when I think about it, sometimes blistex when I need it (I'm pretty simple), I'm not sure if I'll try any...but bookmarking this post and this post just in case.
  • before my rhubarb starts growing again, I need to use up what i have frozen...maybe this over the weekend? or this? or this which I've made before and was delicious? or this? what's your vote?
  • I want to reproduce this meal exactly.
  • with leftover ricotta from the bread pudding, I'm thinking of trying this bread over the weekend (still snowing and temps in the 20s so bread baking is still quite welcome!)
  • a surprise wedding gift from Rue and I for Jacey...such a joy to knit!
So...what was your week like?

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kate said...

What a diverse collection!

The Citron you gals knitted is beautiful - that is one of my favourite shawl patterns.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I reserved the book at the library. Thanks! Heidi just posted another broccoli recipe. It also looks great. She is good. I vote for the rhubarb + blueberry recipe. I've never combined the two ingredients, but will be doing so once I find some rhubarb. There is always inspiration over here. Enjoy the spinning (wheel spinning!).

Ann said...

I love the last picture - it's just so beautiful! The blue yarn on your bobbin is looking good. Have a good week.

Jacey said...

You and Rue blew me away with the Citron shawl. Seriously. I've been thinking about it constantly, and I love what the two of you did.

And I'm so excited for your spinning! Yippee!

Also, tikka masala. Yum.

Bubblesknits said...

I haven't seen the Hunger Games movie yet, but I loved the books. I also have the same opinion of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies.

Jodi said...

We are on the same page about almost everything! Hunting and Gathering is in my to-read pile, and I'm dying to make Alicia's Indian meal, too.

Hunger Games is on the agenda for the weekend, and I'm just going to pass on the Hollywood Dragon Tattoo business. Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop or Beginners yet? Those are my two recent movie recommendations!

melissa said...

look at you spinning yarn on your very own wheel!! that makes me so so happy!!
it also makes me happy that you're enjoying chastity brown.
and your ungulate of the week picture is gorgeous.

thanks for sharing.